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Our 35 Remington ammo for sale is a fine cartridge for short-range shooting. It’s incredibly deadly against big games. The standard load for .35 Remington is a 200-grain round nose bullet with an exposed lead tip. The newer, elastomeric polymer tip and sleek improve the impact of the 35 Remington bullet and retain 60 percent of its initial energy.

Despite its relatively large size, this round-nose bullet still has the potential to produce blowback in big games. It can make the FTX bullet unsuitable for hunting more giant games. Buy 35 Remington ammo at low prices at mick-ammodepot.com and get them shipped right to your home.

35 Remington ammo in stock

The venerable Remington cartridge is known for its performance at long ranges. 35 Remington ammo fires round-nosed bullets using the Hornady revolution series fires polymer-tipped spitzer projectiles that deliver enhanced shoot. We have 35 Remington ammo in stock available at our online ammo store and ready to ship.

Difference Between 35 Remington Ammo and Other Popular Calibers

If you have ever considered changing your cartridge, you’ll want to read this article. We’ll compare the 35 Remington cartridge with other popular calibers to make your decision easier. We’ll compare the 35 Remington cartridges to their common counterparts, the 3030ammo and 280 Remington ammo.

.35 Remington ammo vs. 3030 ammo

When it comes to hunting big game, the specialized 35 Remington cartridge is a better choice than its more famous counterpart, the 3030 Remington. A typical factory load of a 35 Remington cartridge delivers 200grain of bullet energy at 2,080 fps, 5% more energy than an average 3030 factory load. That is a substantial difference, especially if you are going after a dangerous game such as moose.

A 180grain Speer bullet can handle the most game and kill cleanly at close range. It also leaves a good blood trail to assist in tracking. The 180 grain Speer bullet also delivers a good trajectory, keeping it above 2200 fps for a significant distance. These characteristics make the 35 Remington cartridge the best choice for most hunters. The bullet retains its energy and velocity even at a more extended range, which will make it a faster killing round.

35 Remington cartridge vs. 280 Remington ammo

There are some differences between a 35 Remington cartridge and a 280 Remington cartridge, but the most significant difference is the bullet diameters. Remington has long made more expensive cartridges. It can be a problem when you want to shoot smaller targets. It’s better to buy 35 Remington cartridges. Fortunately, many major firearm manufacturers now offer standard cartridges that chamber in.280 Remington.

Both 35 Remington cartridges are designed for short-range shooting, and 35 Remington ammunition is an excellent choice for pursuing big game. Both cartridges are very accurate and are also great for hunting big game. Interestingly, the 28 Remington and 35 Remington cartridges have the same ballistic coefficient but are labeled differently for marketing purposes.

The .35 Remington (8.9x49mm) is the only remaining cartridge from Remington’s lineup of medium-power rimless cartridges still in commercial production. you purchase 35 remington ammo from our store.

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