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If you are interested in 17 HMR ammo, you’ve come to the right place. The premium-quality cartridges used in hunting and other activities give you a high-energy collision and accurate shot.
The most renowned manufacturers make these bullets in the industry, so you feel confident that you’re getting a good quality product. To find the right type of 17 HMR ammo for your firearm, browse our selection of 17 HMR ammo online or in our physical stores.

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17 HMR ammo cartridge was developed in the 1940s by Parker Otto Ackley, a gifted machinist and writer. Ackley’s efforts resulted in creating ammo that would later become legendary.

However, Ackley and his team’s efforts were not all successful, as many 17 HMR cartridges never took off. While they were made to answer a specific need, they weren’t designed for popularity.

While many manufacturers produce 17 HMR ammo in various calibers, not all are suitable for rimfires. Some of the best 17 HMR ammo uses a 1-9 twist and 30-grain bullets. The best results can be achieved using these bullets correctly and in a good quality gun.

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The Hornady V-Max bullet 17 HMR was designed for long-range accuracy and hard-hitting performance. The bullet elongates and expands on impact with a polymer tip to produce extreme precision and pinpoint long-range accuracy. 

These bullets are also new production and are non-corrosive. If you are looking for the best rimfire ammunition, try the Hornady V-Max bullet.

This rimfire ammo is made with high-quality components and powder, perfect for varmint shooting.

The flat trajectory produced by this round can engage targets at 200 yards. Even though this rimfire cartridge is costly, it delivers unmatched performance. It’s also incredibly accurate and makes it the most accurate long-range rimfire cartridge.

Accuracy of 17 HMR ammo

The accuracy of the 17 HMR ammo has been the subject of much debate. While the manufacturers laud the centerfire cartridge’s increased velocity and precision, the fact is that no other ammunition has this level of accuracy.

While the 17 HMR ammunition manufacturer does not adhere to a set pressure limit, it does boast of its improved performance. It is a significant benefit to hunters because the shot is remarkably accurate.

Since these cartridges are custom-designed and not mass-produced, they do not meet the strict standards of commercial rounds.

Instead, they are designed by individual shooters to cultivate an attribute not found in commercial matches. It makes them unsuitable for law enforcement or military use, but they are ideal for the hardcore shooter and the gunsmith who wants to create their rounds.

The effective range of 17 HMR ammo

The effective range of 17 HMR ammo for small game hunting can be determined by the type of bullet used. The hollow-point shots were effective in killing small games. However, this kind of cartridge is not always accurate. That is why you must take extra precautions when selecting ammunition.

A steady wind can easily toss other rimfire calibers off-target. However, with a steady breeze, you can rely on this ammo’s longer effective range. This ammunition is great for shooting small games up to 100 yards. Centerfire calibers will be better if you need to shoot giant games at longer ranges. The bullet weight and type used in rimfire ammunition will determine the practical content of 17 HMR ammo for small game hunting.

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